Voc Ed University

Yvonne White is a very busy member of our Voc Ed and Voc Ed Maavar Tzevet (staff).  This is her seventh kayitz (summer) here, and amongst her many duties, she runs the “Voc Ed University” every year.  This daily program addresses job training subjects such as dress code, apologies, how to speak to colleagues, how to conduct a conversation, body language, teamwork, and job interviews.   Seen here is Senior Program Staff member Simon Luxemburg, who gave a dynamic guest presentation to the Voc Ed and Voc Ed Maavar participants about his job.  Both programs are part of our Tikvah program.  The participants had prepared questions in advance (photos above and below), and they took turns asking the questions and listening to Simon’s answers.  Simon described his typical day, how his job is different in the summer and winter, how he stays organized, and lots of other details.  At the end, everyone had a chance to ask even more questions that weren’t prepared in advance.  The information presented was practical, interesting, and informative.  What’s more, the participants were very eager to ask their questions and listen to the answers attentively.  A great University!

This is Voc Ed Tzevet member Keren Zilberberg’s first kayitz (summer) here on Tzevet.  She lives in Albany, NY and has worked with children and teenagers with learning and developmental differences.  She has found our Voc Ed program to be amazing, and that the participants truly care for each other professionally and personally.  Keren has found the other Tzevet members to be unbelievably hard-working and passionate about their work, and describes them as “angels”.

Yvonne is showing of one of the participant’s “portfolio”, which is a record of all the materials gleaned during the Voc Ed University sessions.

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