“Who Knows One?” Live Show!

Micah Hart, host of the “Who Knows One?” Jewish Geography game show, ran a live version of the game tonight for Machon and Nivonim!

Micah is in camp for a few days, running a podcasting Kishroniyah group for Magshimim & Bogrim.

For tonight’s petulant erev (evening activity), we gathered Machon & Nivonim in the Bitan.  During the day, all the chanichim (campers) filled out a questionnaire, submitting all sorts of facts about themselves (where they’re from, their favorite chug at camp, what their ROO sport is, etc.).  Several of the kids were then secretly chosen to be “chosen ones”.

We picked at random several chanichim to start the game as contestants.  Every 30 seconds or so, Micah would reveal to them a fact about the mystery “chosen one” hidden among the two edot.  The contestants could make a guess as to the chosen one’s identity, or call up a friend from the crowd to help them.  That friend could then call up a friend of their own, as Micah continued to reveal new facts about the hidden “chosen one”.  The goal was to identify as many “chosen ones” as possible within the ten-minute time limit!