Yoga at Ramah by Anna Elfenbaum

There’s lots of stretching, breathing, noticing and just “being” at Machane Ramah, thanks to Anna Elfenbaum, Rosh (Head) Sports!  Yoga is taking place as a chug (elective), and every Sunday evening as a peulat erev (evening activity) with our Tikvah chanichim (campers). During machzor rishon (first sesson) yoga was offered during alternative tfilot (prayers) and as special time in the Gan (nursery).  Chanichim appreciate finding quiet space around what is typically a very active and busy place. We roll out our mats, find a comfy seat, breathe, try new poses, and end with a guided meditation that reminds us that that we are special, we are strong, we are calm and we all are just fine. Namaste!



Categories: Chugim, Sports