Shoafim Yom App, Part 2: Shoafim Gets Technical


The next part of our day was comprised of two excitingly educational games – “Jewpardy” and “Guess Who’s Jewish!” The kids got so into the activities and were surprisingly good at guessing who was Jewish! The Jewpardy questions tested the chanichims’ knowledge of their madrichim (counselors), of camp, of Ivrit, and of Judaism.


We then continued the fun with a game of Human Foosball! Set up with benches on the migrash (field), the kids had to work as teams to score goals, and once they scored, their points only counted if they could correctly answer a question about a former parasha (Torah portion) from this summer. Lucky for them, they are smart and skillful, and they were able to do so with ease! IMG_0815

Finally, after spending half the day outside, soaking up the sun, we realized it was time for a full-on WATER FIGHT! It seemed that most of them gravitated toward clobbering me (Arielle), but the fun was well worth being soaked! We concluded our morning activities with lunch and peulot tzrif (bunk acitivities), and took a little time for some R&R (Rest and Relaxation) during Sha’at Menucha (rest hour).


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