Shoafim Yom App, Part 3: Bringing It All Together


The afternoon began with “Tziporim Coasot” (Angry Birds), transformed into reality through an extreme game of dodgeball. The two teams – the birds and the pigs – went head-to-head, hiding behind obstacles to protect themselves from the other team’s throws. There were certain added rules, however. For example, when hit, the chanichim needed to “die” in a dramatic fashion; some were even carried off the court by their friends! Players who were out needed to sing and cheer using “oink” or “tweet” instead of the original words of the song. It made for a fun peulah (activity) and was a riot to watch!


Our final activity before aruchat erev (dinner) was designing our own apps. In our tzrifim, we discussed what types of apps we thought would be helpful to us and useful in general. Then, in small groups, the chanichim drew their own apps out on paper. After aruchat erev, we had the chanichim come back together and explain their apps one by one to the entire edah. The night ended with a spin-off game from the Pandora app, which had the madrichim saying a word b’ivrit (in Hebrew), and the chanichim, once again in their groups by tzrif, listing songs in both Hebrew and English that contain that word. Each tzrif’s performances were highly entertaining and while Tzrif 7 won the competition by singing the most songs, I really enjoyed Tzrif 21’s solos, Tzrif 35’s call-and-response singing, Tzrif 25’s special dedication to me, and Tzrif 8’s participation and enthusiasm throughout the competition. It was an awesome activity and a great conclusion to a fabulously exciting day!




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