Yom Maccabiah Tzad Aleph

Yesterday was surely the most fun Tzad Aleph (A-Side) has had on a rainy day! From dressing up in rain gear as part of the Apache relay, to playing soccer on the newly wet migrash (field), the Tzad Aleph chanichim (campers) had a blast competing against one another in a day of friendly competition.

All four eidot (age groups) on Tzad Aleph were divided into four teams representing the four largest cities in Israel: Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Be’er Sheva. As the kids dressed up in their assigned colors, the day was filled with cheering, sportsmanship, and loads of talent! After their team meetings, the chanichim participated in various sport activities: hula hooping, dance, soccer, gaga, and Frisbee. We broke up into tzrifim (bunks) before lunch to create our own tzrif flags, slogans, and symbols, inspired by the Olympic games.

Between Peulat Tzrif (bunk activity) and lunch, the Shoafimers who belong to the It’s a Good Life Chug had the extraordinary opportunity to meet the founder of the It’s a Good Life Chug. It was so cool to hear about the original goals and intentions of the chug, as well as some of their early activities. The chanichim really enjoyed meeting him, as well as enjoying their traditional blue drink and snacks!

After our barbecue cookout lunch, we enjoyed a relaxing Sha’at Menucha (rest hour), followed by a Chidon Tanach (a Bible quiz). The chanichim completed packets that related to various aspects of the Tanach, and two chanichim from each team studied this week’s parasha (Torah portion), Ve’etchanan, and answered a fast-action quiz. The activity was such a blast and the chanichim came up with such creative ways of conveying the Torah’s messages!

With a giant game of dodgeball, a riveting round of charades, and an enthusiastic game of Simon Says, all the chanichim seemed excited and enthusiastic throughout the afternoon! We ended our pre-dinner activities with the Apache Relay, equipped with water-filled bucket racing, jumping jacks-singing contests, and building card houses. Finally, after dinner, each team presented its banner, song, and dance in a closing ceremony. The scores were unbelievably close, but Kachol (Blue) pulled ahead by a tiny margin and took the title! Yasher Koach to all the teams!

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