Yom Sport 2021 by Naomi W., Wren S., and Judy L. – participants of the Press Corps

Today is Yom Sport!

Everyone’s super excited and pumped up for the sports and activities! We went around and interviewed participants of Yom Sport (also known as Color War). We also interviewed a few judges, some people from most of the groups, counselors, and lifeguards. We asked them questions about how they enjoyed the beginning of Yom Sport and what they are looking forward to. Most people were looking forward to the Closing Ceremony. Another question we asked was what their pros and cons were of Yom Sport.  The most common pros were the activities options and the enthusiasm. And some of the most common cons were the tension around competition.

The individuals interviewed were: Ella D. (Shoafim), Roxanne R. (Shoafim), Aliza K. (judge, Nivonim), Shira L. (Machon), Levi F. (Magshimim), Sylvie R. (Shoafim), Becca B. (Shoafim), Anna G. (Magshimim), Rachel R. (Shoafim), Uri K. (Staff), Ilana B. (Shoafim), Alex G. (Shoafim), Lilah S. (Shoafim), Maya K. (Shoafim), Wylie B. (Rosh judge, Nivonim), Julia S. (Kochavim), Miriam R. (Shoafim), Elana E. (Shoafim), Farryn B. (Shoafim) and Shira F. (Rosh Shoafim), Rabbi Ed Gelb (CEO), Jo N. (Staff), Hannah (Staff) and Jonathan (Staff).