Yom Sport 2022 by Miriam T., Anonymous, and Abigail G, Our Yom Sport Press Corps

On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, some of our chanichim (campers) served as the press corps for Yom Sport! They provide their own personal take on some of the exciting sports and other activities that make up Yom Sport!

Relay Race, by Miriam T.

Hello and welcome to Yom Sport! It is hot and sunny here at Ramah Palmer and Yom Sport is just getting started. The teams – White, Red, Blue, and Green – are competing to win the 2022 Ramah Palmer Yom Sport! First up we are starting with the relay race. The teams are really hyped for the first chance to prove themselves. The relay race is a loop around camp with many sections. There is the sack race, the leapfrog race, the cookie eating race, and the swimming race, to name a few. Halfway through the race, White has a big lead! The other teams are fighting for second place! By the end of the race, White had won by a lot, with Green in second, then Red, and then Blue in last place.

Dodgeball, by Anonymous

Magshimim/Bogrim dodgeball took place at the B-side tennis court. The first game was Kachol (blue) and Lavan (white) versus Adom (red) and Yarok (green). It started off as an even match, with Kachol and Lavan getting a few outs along with Adom and Yarok. Later in the game, people started to get back in the game. Some people on Yarok thought that dodgeball wasn’t going super well and thought they were going to lose.

The second game was Yarok and Kachol versus Lavan and Adom. A lot of the time it was pretty even and then Kachol took the lead. Kahol and Yarok kept their lead for a pretty long time while Adom and Lavan started to make a comeback. Yarok and Kachol ended up winning the second game, with Kachol winning both games!

Yom Sport Medurah (Campfire), by Abigail G. 

Yesterday was the first day of Yom Sport (color war)! After an amazing breakout and fun, yet exhausting, relay race, each team had a medurah (campfire). At the Adom (red) medurah, campers learned their team chants and songs. These chants will be used throughout today’s festivities. The song, a parody of “Welcome to my House,” is going to be sung at the closing ceremony tonight. After talking to some campers, many seemed very excited. Caleb K. from Solelim said, “Yeah, I think we’ll win. I am most excited for all the competitions, to have fun, and to see who wins!” Meanwhile, Yarok (green) is splitting up for the A-side Hip-Hop, and acrobatic dance for the closing ceremony. The campers on Yarok are also very excited. When asking campers if they think their team will win, Hannah G. from Bogim told me, “100% we are winning. If we don’t win, it’s rigged, and we will have to redo the summer!”

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