Yom Sport Color War: Evening Medurot (campfires) and Talent Show!

The colors of our Yom Sport Rainbow are Yarok, Kachol, Lavan and Adom (Green, Blue, White and Red respectively).  From the moment of the Breakout (see here:  https://www.campramahne.org/blog/video/yom-sport-breakout/) last evening, until the Closing Ceremonies tonight, our chanichim (campers) are engaged in fun, friendly, athletic (and some not so athletic) competitions.  The 4 teams are comprised of chanichim from every edah.  For these precious 24 hours, they eat, pray, play and compete with their teammates — rather than their tzrif (bunk) or edah.  These photos are from last evening’s medurot which morphed into indoor Talent Shows when the weather warranted this.  The colors, energy, and ruach are overwhelmingly positive.  Team work and good sportsmanship are paramount.  Artistic talents play a significant role in the team song and dance.  The judges, all Nivonim chanichim, are well-prepared, calm, intelligent and fair.  This entire extravaganza has been designed and executed by our adat ha-Nivonim, all as part of their summer immersed in Leadership Training.  Yasher Koach, great job, so far so good!