Yom Sport (Color War): Part Three

Ellie (below, right), a chanicha (camper) of adat ha-Magshimim, was a participant in our Yom Sport Press Club for 28 hours.

She notes “The theme of  Yom Sport this year is Mariokart (a videogame).  The cartoon I drew (above, left) depicts King Boo, a character from Mariokart.  King Boo is the mascot of Team Lavan (white).  Adom (red)’s mascot is Mario, Yarok (green)’s is Yoshi, and Kachol (blue)’s is Magikoopa.  The Lavan team chant was “L-A-V-A-N Melech Boo Until The End!”.

Ellie interviewed several participants around our entire machaneh (camp).

Jane, a Nivonimer, was working on the team Kachol Tzad Aleph (A-Side) dance.  She said “Our team is a great group of people, and there is a really good energy”.

Robyn, a chanicha in adat ha-Ilanot, spoke about what it is like being on a team with older chanichim.  She said “It’s fun because I can learn from them and they can learn from me, even though they are older!”

Two more chanichim commented on what they like about their teams.  “I like my captains and the ruach (spirit)”, says Harper, a Yarok team Machoner.  “I like Lavan because we are like a family”, says Tovah, also a Machoner.  Tovah continued, “I’ve met too many new chanichim to count during Yom Sport”.

This photo was taken at the volleyball activity:

These photos were from Human Foosball:

These photos were taken at freeze dancing during Dance Games:

These are the final products of the Team Flag activity:

The photo (top) shows the teams practicing their “silent cheers” with their arm movements.  Ellie’s favorite song from the four that were performed at the Zimkudiyah was “Hatchalah Chadasha”:





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