Yom Yisrael- Israel Day Graffiti Art

Throughout history and today, in different cultures/countries/societies, people have expressed themselves through street art and/or graffiti. Often, street art and/or graffiti highlight the controversial political and social issues and conflicts of the time. Israel has a vibrant and growing street art culture and it is very “in” now to go on walking tours to see the art in places like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in order to learn about the diversity of Israeli perspectives and passions.

Today hanichim (campers) got to be street artists and make their own personal graffiti wall with Hebrew lettering/words and symbols, that reflected their personal associations with Israel. Once they were completed, they were collected and all combined to make one huge wall that is displayed here in camp.

Every hanich got one blank wall.
Every hanich chose one of six words (tikva, yachad, yisrael, shalom, emet, ahava)
Every hanich choose 1-3 images/symbols then cut around their letters and images and pasted their design like a collage.
They used markers to add shapes, splatters, drippings, circles, outlining and then signed their names on their art like a graffiti artist.