Closing Day Procedures: August 20, 2023

Instructions for Families Driving to Pick Up Campers on August 20th:

We want to implement safe procedures for Closing Day, just as we did on Opening Day. We are offering pick-up time slots at 10am, 10:20am, 10:40am, 11am, and 11:20am. Families that are picking up their campers by car will need to sign up for a pick-up time slot using an online portal.

The portal is now live; please click here to sign-up for a slot. Please complete the form by Tuesday, August 15, 5pm. Time slots will be available on a “first come first served” basis.

We will be limiting the number of cars per time slot so that we can safely and efficiently reunite all campers with their families.

Here is an outline of the process:

  • Families with only A-Side campers:
    • You will pick up your campers and luggage near the entrance to camp on A-Side.
  • Families with only B-Side/Tikvah campers:
    • You will pick up your campers and luggage on the field at machane gimel on B-Side.
  • Families with campers on both A-Side and B-Side:
    • All your campers will be on B-Side to be picked up.
    • You will also pick up your B-Side/Tikvah luggage at machane gimel.
    • You will stop on A-Side on your way out to collect your A-Side camper’s luggage.
  • Please arrive on time and not too early to your time slot. We cannot cue up traffic onto Palmer town streets. Please take traffic into account when making your plans.
  • To make it easier/faster to direct parents to the correct parking area, please come with a full sheet of paper on which you have written clearly in a bold maker the letter “A” if you are picking up on A side or “B” if you are picking up on “B” side. Write “B” if picking up on both sides.

Instructions for the Return of Camper Medication:

Your child’s remaining medications will be packed in their luggage Saturday night. Any early morning or breakfast medication will be distributed before pick-up on closing day.