FAQs for Participants in Bereavement Weekend

Q: Is the weekend only focused on the children?

No. This is a weekend for the entire family! In addition to fun family time, there will be opportunities for adults to be with other adults while the children are with their peers. Each participant will be met where they are and supported on their grief journey. 

Q: >What can we expect on Shabbat?

Shabbat is a very special time at Camp Ramah Sasson, with delicious meals, shira (song), and meaningful tefillah (prayer) experiences for all ages. Out of respect for the values of our Shabbat observant community, we ask that participants refrain from using electronics, technology, writing and turning lights on and off in public spaces. There is an eruv (symbolic enclosure surrounding the camp) that will be checked prior to the beginning of Shabbat.

Q: We are not really religious. Is this the right program for us?

Absolutely yes! Camp Ramah Sasson welcomes all Jewish families, regardless of observance level.

Q: What is the Kashrut supervision?

All food will be cooked in Camp Ramah’s onsite kosher kitchen. The kashrut of Ramah New England is overseen by the Ramah Camping Movement (affiliated with JTS of the Conservative Movement), under the senior direction of Rabbi Mitch Cohen with a representative mashgiach (kosher supervisor) present throughout Camp Ramah Sasson.