Tikvah at 50

The Tikvah Program at Ramah New England, which was launched in 1970, continues to be the premier Jewish camp program for children, teens and young adults with disabilities. Each summer, this richly developed program serves 100 young people with a wide range of learning, social and developmental differences at our Palmer overnight and DC day camps.

Our summer communities are enlivened by the inclusion of young people of all abilities who share in the magic of camp. And we continue to seek opportunities to make the Ramah experience available to an ever widening circle of campers and staff members. Today, it is hard to imagine CRNE without the Tikvah Program. In Palmer, it is as integral to camp life as the Agam (lake), the Horshah (Grove), the fields, and the other camp edot (units). So, too, at our DC Day Camp, where the Tikvah Program was launched in 2019.

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