Limud (education) at our Hava (farm): Kochavim and Ilanot

Rabbi Joshua Ackerman is devoted to teaching our chanichim (campers) about the need for an awareness of and working towards environmental sustainability.

Rabbi Ackerman comments, “I have been consistently impressed and happy to see how all our chanichim are taking care of relating to our Hava animals.  They are without exception gentle, caring, and enthusiastic about taking proper care of these animals.  For example, many make a point to come during bechira (free time) to visit, clean, and take walks with the goats.  This Hava initiative has been overwhelmingly positive.” Pictured top, and below, are our chanichim from adat ha-Kochavim and adat ha-Ilanot, learning about and interacting with our animals.


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