Home Is Where The Heart Is

They say home is where the heart is, and for chanichim (campers) at Machaneh Ramah opening day is often a homecoming of sorts. It’s chanichim returning to their summer home and their summer family. Today as the buses filled with singing chanichim pulled into camp, and cars with smiling families drove through the gates, the excitement was palpable.

Walking around camp on Tzad Alef (A side) and Tzad Bet (B side) the Kayitz (summer) 2019 theme song was playing on the loud speakers. Shevet Achim V’achayot (a tribe of brothers and sisters) by Israeli musical artist Idan Raichel had the chanichim singing and dancing. One of the prominent lines from the song is “Can zeh bayit, can zeh lev (here is where the home is, here is where the heart is).”  We love that CRNE is a summer home to over 900 chanichim– welcome home!

Click here link below to listen to the summer theme song and sing along with your chanichim!