Camper Transportation and Luggage

2022 Travel and Luggage Notes for all campers:

  • The online Transportation Form is now available in your CampMinder account. Please read below about luggage and travel and submit your form by May 1st.
  • For the vast majority of our camp families (please see below), we are pleased to partner with Camp Trucking once again to ship luggage to and from camp to facilitate our opening and closing day procedures. Camp Trucking has been a leader in the camp luggage delivery service for over 45 years and has worked extensively to improve certain systems that were challenged due to COVID last year to provide enhanced service this summer.
  • Marci Galinkin, our long-term summer Mirpa’ah (Health Center) Administrator, will also serve as our Luggage Coordinator before camp. Please email her with any luggage related questions after reading the information below.
  • Please email Marggi Shechanah with any travel related questions after reading the information below.
  • Luggage must be fully packed in only 2 duffels. You may pay extra to send plastic drawers to and from camp via Camp Trucking, if required to use them per below.
  • If you are driving your child(ren) to or from camp, the time windows in the online travel form currently say “TBD” and we will confirm them in coming months. On opening days, your child(ren) may bring small items with them, as long as they can easily carry them to their bunk on their own.
  • Luggage for current 2nd – 6th graders that is shipped to camp via Camp Trucking per below will be unpacked for them before they arrive.
  • Please click here for directions to camp.

2022 Luggage Policy – For All Who Live Within 60 Miles of Our Luggage Sites:

All families who live within 60 miles of one of our centralized luggage sites are required to register with Camp Trucking to ship luggage to and from camp.

Luggage sites are located in the following states/cities:

  • Connecticut – New Haven and West Hartford
  • Maryland – Rockville (Please note that first/full session luggage will be dropped off on THURSDAY 6/23 so that it can arrive at camp in a more timely manner.)
  • Massachusetts – Newton, Northampton, Pittsfield, Sharon, and Worcester
  • New Jersey – Teaneck
  • New York – Albany and Mamaroneck
  • Virginia – Fairfax (Families near Fairfax will register with Camp Trucking to ship luggage to and from Rockville. Ramah will shuttle luggage to and from Fairfax and the main luggage trucks in Rockville on 6/23 and 7/24, as long as Fairfax is selected in the Ramah online travel form. Fairfax luggage will be picked up in Rockville on 8/21 when the luggage trucks and coach buses with campers arrive together.)

Camp Trucking Luggage Registration Notes:

  • If you live within 60 miles of the above cities, please click here for the complete Camp Trucking schedule and then click here to register with Camp Trucking.
  • The First and Full Session Camp Trucking registration deadline is May 20th and the deadline is June 24th for Second and Mini Session campers.
  • The cost will be $105 round trip for 2 pieces of luggage and there will be a $30 service charge for late registrants.
  • The only items that will be allowed on the luggage trucks will be 2 duffel bags and, if registered with Camp Trucking, a plastic set of drawers (empty and sealed in a box).
  • If your camper is attending one of our Mini sessions, please register to ship luggage for the way to camp 7/26 and you will be able to drive or fly the luggage home on 8/7. You must call Camp Trucking at 970-949-0690 to register, as only round trip registration is available through their website.
  • If you will be on vacation before or after camp and would like to register to ship luggage to and from 2 different locations, you are welcome to do so.
  • If your child is flying to or from camp on our chaperoned DC flights (6/28, 7/24, or 7/26), or traveling home to Rockville on our buses (8/21), luggage shipment via Camp Trucking is still required if you live within 60 miles of the Rockville or Fairfax sites.
  • Please Please email Marci Galinkin with questions after you have read these points and the Camp Trucking flier.

Exceptions to our 2022 Luggage Policy: If You Do Not Live Within 60 Miles of Our Luggage Sites:

  • Your camper may fly with their luggage, you may drive it to and from camp, you may drive the extra distance to ship luggage to and from one of our luggage sites per above, or you may ship luggage on your own via Fedex or UPS.
  • Please note that luggage for current 2nd – 6th graders that is shipped to camp ahead of time will be unpacked for them before they arrive. Counselors will help your child unpack their luggage if it arrives on opening day.
  • Please Please email Marci Galinkin if you have questions about your distance to one of our centralized sites.

Next Steps:

1) Please make your travel and luggage selections in the online Transportation Form in your CampMinder account by May 1st.

2) All who are required to register with Camp Trucking per above must click here to do so by May 20th for First and Full Session campers and June 24th for Second and Mini Session campers.


Thank you for reading this document!  Please continue if you would like our travel dates by session and information about arranging flights and other travel scenarios for your child.


2022 Travel Dates by Sessions:

  • Full: 6/28-8/21
  • First: 6/28-7/24
  • Second: 7/26-8/21
  • Mini Kochavim and Mini Amitzim: 7/26-8/7

WHO: Campers From the DC Area:

  • For camp travel dates 6/28, 7/24, 7/26, and 8/7, we will provide chaperones on Southwest Airlines flights between Baltimore Washington International (BWI) and Bradley Airport (BDL) in Hartford, CT and school buses to shuttle campers to and from camp and BDL. If applicable, please see the “2022 DC Flight Information” document that is located in your CampMinder account and:
    • Book flights for all travel dates directly with Southwest Airlines.
    • Forward the official Southwest flight confirmation email to Marggi Shechanah, if you haven’t already.
    • Enter the flight information and your luggage selection in the Transportation Form
    • If you live within 60 miles of our Rockville or Fairfax luggage sites, register with Camp Trucking to ship your child’s luggage.
  • For end-of-summer closing day, 8/21, we will provide chartered buses from camp to Rockville, MD, for $65 per camper or you may plan to pick up your child(ren) by car. Click here to see our rationale behind the bus decision.  The luggage trucks will arrive with the camper buses.  Please register for the coach bus within your online travel form and a line item will automatically be added to your financial statement.  There will be no refunds for the bus after Friday, 8/5.

WHO: Campers Flying to or From Other Locations:

  • On each opening and closing day, we provide school bus shuttles to and from Bradley International Airport (BDL) in Hartford, CT and camp. Your camper(s) must arrive or depart from BDL during certain time windows in order to catch these shuttles.
  • Please research for flights that are scheduled to land at Bradley International Airport (BDL) in Hartford, CT between 9 a.m. and 12 noon on the opening day of each session and for flights that are scheduled to depart from BDL between 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. on each closing day.
  • Please make sure to forward the flight confirmation to Marggi Shechanah and enter the information in the online Transportation Form.
  • If your child’s flight arrives/departs outside of these time windows so we have to arrange special transportation to/from camp, families will be charged an additional $40 for each one-way of ground transportation provided.
  • If there is an extenuating reason you wish to fly your child to/from another airport, please contact asap to see if we can make special arrangements before you book a ticket.
  • If your camper is flying to or from Israel, please do not book any flights until you have heard from us.


Thank you for your attention to all of these details!

Please email Marggi Shechanah for all questions regarding transportation, forms, the registration process, etc. and let me know if I can help in any way!

For luggage related questions, please email Marci Galinkin.

For all tuition and finance related questions, please email our Finance Associate, Ken Milgram.

For all questions or concerns that are unique to your camper(s), please email our Director of Camper Care, Talya Kalender.