Nivonim Hadracha Program 2019

In so many respects, the Nivonim experience is the culmination of one’s journey as a camper through the edot (divisions) here at Machaneh Ramah. But it is also the beginning of a new journey: that of one day coming back to camp as a member of our summer tzevet (staff). To that end, a key element of the Nivonim experience is the summer-long Hadracha (Leadership Training) Program.

All of our Nivonimers will participate in the Leadership Training Program and will be considered Madrichim B’Nivonim (counselors that are Nivonimers) — or MiNis for short. MiNis will be placed in one of the many Netivei Manhigut (Leadership Tracks) which will be led by our amazing tzevet (staff). We will dedicate several hours, each week, for training with our nativ (track) leaders, as well as time that each nativ will spend training “in the field.” Each track will be spearheaded by one member of our Nivonim staff (or another senior staff member from around camp), and each track offers exciting opportunities for the development of high-level skills and leadership experience in that particular area of specialization. Each track will offer opportunities for participants to spend time working with campers in younger edot over the course of the summer. Each track will help start our Nivonimers on the journey of transition from being a receiver of the Ramah experience to being a transmitter of that experience.

Amitizim Hadracha

Track Leaders: Tzevet Amitizim

Participants in Amitzim Hadracha will have the privilege of exploring and learning about many aspects of the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in New England. You will  work with tzevet Tikvah (our Tikvah program staff) to learn skills and techniques for working with individuals with special needs. This track will include various training sessions that will explore sensitivity, role-playing, managing group dynamics, and planning developmentally-appropriate peulot (activities). Participants in this track will regularly join, run, and participate in Amitzim peulot throughout the day. These peulot will range from wake-up and t’fillot (prayers) to harga’ot (bed-time activities) and other daily peulot. This will be an extraordinary experience in which participants will have the opportunity to explore our exceptional Tikvah program, learn the fundamentals of being a madrich(a) (counselor) in adat ha-Amitzim, and build connections with our Tikvah program participants!

Inclusion Hadracha

Track Leader: Maddy Mermelstein

Participants in Inclusion Hadracha will have the opportunity to discuss inclusion at camp, in all forms, and create programming that effects positive change in our camp community. We will have discussions on various topics surrounding inclusion, including gender, accessibility, neurodiversity, sexuality, sustainability, race/ethnicity, and any related topics that our group feels important to bring to the table. You will work together to plan and run a couple value-based peulot (activities) about the concept of inclusion, possibly on a more macro or symbolic scale, for both Tzad Aleph and Tzad Bet chanichim. Furthermore, in conjunction with camp leadership, we will create at least one camp-wide project based on our discussions on ways to make camp a more inclusive space, and implement this project to make a tangible difference at camp. This will be a hardworking, caring, and special opportunity to better our community, and with the skills gained from Inclusion Hadracha, you will leave with the tools to create more inclusive spaces in the communities around you and eventually when you are on tzevet someday soon!

Israel Activism and Programming Hadracha

Track Leader: Emmett Stein

There’s salt and pepper, there’s chocolate and vanilla, there’s Tom and Jerry, there’s ketchup and mustard, there’s the Olsen twins and Key and Peele and now, finally, next up, there’s Israel and programming!!!! Hello Nivonimers! Do you wish you had a place in camp to refine your own opinions about the world, AND learn to plan amazing peulot (activities)? If the answer is yes, then boy do I have the Hadracha track for you! Join me in the never before seen Israel Activism and Programming Hadracha! Together we will explore various conundrums through the lens of Israel, such as racism, gender identity issues, the African refugee crisis, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We will take these topics, discuss them, refine our own ideas and explore others’ opinions. We will also discuss what it means to be an Israel educator at camp, and how that role changes for younger and older hanichim. We will then set out to plan the most engaging, meaningful, extraordinary peulah for some of the younger edot and our own adat ha-Nivonim! If you join this Hadracha track, you will not only be working out your critical thinking and creativity muscle, you will also be taking huge strides in learning and practicing what it means to create and implement an AMAZING peulah! Everyone loves pairs, and in this hadracha track you will pair together programming and critical thinking for the ULTIMATE duo.

Madrich Hadracha:

Track Leader: Shira Farbman

Participants in Madrich/a Hadracha will have the opportunity to discover what it’s like to be a madrich/a (counselor) at camp! In this track, you will have the opportunity to learn and spend time in select Tzad Aleph tzrifim (bunks). You will work with the Tzad Aleph madrichim to learn skills and techniques for working with younger children, managing group dynamics, and planning age-appropriate peulot (activities) for both the tzrif and the edah. You will also learn the leadership, communication, and teamwork skills necessary for working together on an edah tzevet (staff). Participants in this track will periodically join Tzad Aleph tzrifim for wake-up, t’fillot, nikayon, aruchot, harga’ot, and other peulot throughout the camp day. This track will prepare the participants for spending a whole day with the Tzad Aleph campers, and it will enhance your leadership skills. This will be an intensive experience in which you will have a chance to learn the basics of being a counselor at camp, receive feedback about your progress, and prepare yourself for one day returning as madrichim on tzevet (staff)!


Track Leader: Dahlia Lehman

Participants in MeyucHad‐racha will get a look into what really makes camp great ‐‐ the moments of fun, shtick, and excitement that aren’t a part of the regular daily schedule! For example, you might be responsible for engineering a flash mob in the Chadar Ochel, creating a humor room in the k’far, or any other fun project you would like. Participants in this track will help make ordinary moments at camp extraordinary and will be responsible for determining and planning special short, fun, silly, crazy, activities for both adat ha-Nivonim and the whole machaneh! To prepare for these leadership opportunities, participants will learn how to infuse creativity and fun in concrete ways by learning about the art of “heightened camper experiences” or HCEs. This track will also include engagement with Tzad Aleph campers in collaboration with the Madrich track participants. MeyucHad‐racha will be a challenging and engaging opportunity to serve as a leader within the edah and camp. By signing up for this track, you will certainly have hand in really elevating this kayitz for the entire machaneh!

Programming Hadracha

Track Leader: Dani Nurick

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a yom meyuchad or peulat erev? Are madrichim just making up their ice breakers as they go? How about that great peulat erev you did in Magshimim?! Every peulah you experience during your time at camp has been carefully crafted by someone–from the 5 minutes you spend playing a game waiting outside the Chadar Ochel, to the elaborate peulot erev your madrichim created for you–there is so much that goes into creating a successful peulah! In the Programming Hadracha, participants will learn everything about what goes into creating and running a successful peulah. From the beginning planning stages, you will learn how to outline a goal, design an activity, put that program into action, and assess how it went. Throughout the kayitz, we will be working on our very own peulot for Tzad Aleph edot and adat ha-Nivonim! You will be developing every part of these peulot, and have the chance to show off what you’ve learned throughout the summer. In this track, participants will experience first-hand one of the most important and fun & rewarding parts of being a successful tzevet member–running an amazing peulah!

Roo-Ach Hadracha: T’filla, Shira & More!

Track Leader: Vered Ornstein

Participants of Roo-ach Hadracha will be involved in all aspects of religious life at camp with spirituality as the focal point. On a broad scale, you will learn and practice essential skills that will prepare you to be a madrich/a at camp. You will learn how to brainstorm, write, and run a program for chanichim of all ages and how to plan and facilitate interesting, meaningful, and engaging conversations about the shirim and t’fillot we sing at camp. This could take the form of leading a t’fillah peulah for a Tzad Aleph edah or giving a short dvar t’fillah at the Nivonim Tisch. You will also learn how to work and communicate effectively with your peers. Specifically, you will have the opportunity to be involved in many different facets of religious and spiritual life at camp on a day-to-day basis. This will include thinking of fun and creative new ideas for daily t’fillot for both Nivonim and younger edot. You will have several opportunities throughout the kayitz to plan and lead unique peulot t’fillah. You will also be in charge of picking the weekly set list for Friday and Saturday night shira, as well as learning new songs to teach to other edot. This hadracha track will not only cover some basics about being on tzevet, but will also encourage you to learn the ways in which ruach can be incorporated into every aspect of our daily camp lives!

Roo-Coaching Hadracha: The Art of Inspiration and Perspiration

Track Leader: Nadav Kalender

Get ready future leaders of children, I Nadav Shmuel Danger Kalender am here to give you the opportunity of a lifetime! Have you ever admired a coach of yours? Someone who motivated you? Someone who believed in you? Someone who drew up play designs like Wooden, leads like Popovich and makes inspiring speeches like Kurt Russell in Miracle? Well guess what…NOW. YOU. CAN. Welcome to a special hadracha track: RooCoaching: The Art of Inspiration and Perspiration. In this exciting leadership experience, participants will learn how to connect with younger chanichim through sports instruction and Roo coaching. You will learn strategies on how to create effective drills, tips on the science of motivation, and learn how to become an amazing Roo coach and inspirational leader. You will be in charge of coaching teams of Tzad Aleph chanichim in a special new Tzad Aleph ultimate frisbee league. You will be involved with team logistics, from jersey design to icebreakers and from player numbers to creating plays. You will have the opportunity to build strong bonds with your chanichim, and you will learn many skills that will serve you well as a future coach, tzevet member, and leader! So ask yourself? Are you ready to be the next Belichick? Can you inspire like Coach K? Will you elevate your team like Kerr? If the answer to ANY of those questions is yes, I’ll see you in this hadracha track on day one, ready to go.


To sign up for Nivonim Hadracha, please be sure to click on the link in the e-mail you received from us, in order to submit your choices to us before June 1st, 2019!

Please contact Simon Luxemburg, Senior Program Staff-Member, at with any questions.