Cooking, Farm & Nature


Campers explore cooking, with an emphasis on Jewish food and its history, Kashrut, and good nutrition. Campers learn how to make specific dishes as well as build the skills that will enable them to read and follow recipes. In the process, kids gain an appreciation for great food and learn that tasty, healthy food made from scratch is easy to prepare.

Click here to see an example Cooking Chug Cookbook

Pinat Teva (Nature Corner):

There’s no better place for a camper to learn about the values of environmentalism and Judaism’s connection to teva (nature) than at this vibrant, happy corner of our camp! When the campers visit our Pinat Teva, our program is designed to help them think about their interactions with nature and animals, where their food comes from, and our responsibility and relationship with the environment.

This program consists of three main areas:

Farm – Campers love visiting our animals at camp – goats, sheep, ducks and chickens!  There’s no happier spot at camp!  Additionally, campers learn about the animals and what they need to survive and thrive.

Garden – In our garden and greenhouse we grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. Our campers experience farm-to-table meal prep using the fruits and vegetables that grow in our garden.  Many of the plants we grow can be used for Jewish rituals at camp: spices for Havdallah, vegetables for harvest, and flowers for Shabbat.

Outdoor Cooking – Our campers eat well and have fun in this area of camp!  They learn about the incredible range of foods that can be made on an open fire, from chili to caramel chocolate popcorn, from bread to pizza made in our brick oven, and so much more.  Campers gain a farm-to-table experience, cooking with ingredients that have grown in our garden or eggs that our chickens have laid.