Creative Arts

Omanut (arts & crafts), our largest specialty department, offers a wide variety of experiences for our campers to choose from! Our Omanut building is one of the most vibrant spots in camp, always bustling with tremendous creative energy. Our campers have the opportunity to learn from the talented Omanut staff-members, many of whom are working freelance artists and art teachers.

Spotlight on Omanut:


Campers are able to work in our two pottery stations, either working on a pottery wheel, learning techniques of centering, trimming, pulling handles and glazing; or working on the hand-building station, where they use a variety of techniques, primarily slab and coil.


Campers learn how to paint on silk with special paints and “resist” to create artwork including pillows, wall art, tallitot, challah covers, and other Jewish objects. Campers also learn strategies of color blending and color theory.


Campers learn how to work with various media to produce a wide variety of jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Campers work with beads as well as a process with dichroic glass, which requires a kiln firing upon completion of the project.


Campers learn the art of folding paper to create beautiful works of art.

Drawing & Painting:

Campers learn how to use a variety of media, including pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, and paints.

Video and photography:

Video/Animation – Campers have the opportunity to produce mini-movies starring themselves and their friends! Campers learn how to handle and use a digital video camera. They come up with a story-line, write a script, and learn how to storyboard. Actors are assigned parts, and the kids learn about filming and frame composition. Campers then learn how to use our digital editing software, as they edit their raw footage into the final video, adding any special effects necessary.

Digital Photography – Campers learn how to shoot and digitally edit photos that they will be proud of. Campers learn the basics of photography, including composition, lighting and framing, while also having an opportunity to learn about and utilize digital editing software.

Additional Options:

Other Omanut offerings have included cartooning/comics, paper-making, marbelizing, print-making, glass-work, and lots more!

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