Hebrew — The Fun Way:

Ramah campers build knowledge and comfort in Hebrew language, not through school-like classes, but by living their fun lives at camp! Our program is intentionally structured so that, while experiencing each exciting day at camp, campers will absorb a tremendous amount of Hebrew – hopefully, without even realizing it!

New campers do not have to do anything to prepare or study before coming to Ramah! We have campers who start at camp knowing almost no Hebrew, and campers who start at camp with a high level of fluency, and everywhere in between. Everyone feels comfortable at Ramah, and everyone has an opportunity to learn more.

How does that work? Here are a few examples: Most of our locations and programs at camp are referred to by their Hebrew names, so as campers get to know camp, they’re immediately absorbing a great many words. All public announcements are made in Hebrew, so campers – ably assisted by their counselors – quickly learn the most frequently-used words and phrases. On the sports field, the score is announced in Hebrew. At the agam (lake), when the campers learn the buddy-check phrases and procedure, they learn them in Hebrew. And so on and so forth. The beauty of this system is that none of this feels like “learning” to the kids – it’s just part of living and having fun at Ramah!

Click here to read about our Meah Milim (100 Words) program, a camp-wide initiative that focuses on the Meah Milim (100 words) that we only want to use b’ivrit (in Hebrew) at camp!