T’fillah (Prayer)

T’fillah (Prayer) Together:

At Ramah, campers have an opportunity to experience fun, meaningful t’fillot (prayers)! T’fillot at Ramah are joyous and participatory, filled with ruach (spirit) and singing.

Every morning after breakfast, each edah (division/age-group) begins their day with shacharit (the morning service). We tailor the t’fillah experience to meet the age of our campers.

No t’fillah experience or knowledge is required! Through fun programs and activities, our counselors teach kids about the t’fillot; the tunes; the words; their meanings. Campers learn the choreography of the service through fun activities like t’fillah aerobics! For campers who come to camp with knowledge of the t’fillot, there are many challenging opportunities to learn more: to lead t’fillot; to read Torah; to build new skills.

Mentored by our counselors, Ramah campers will leave Ramah with greater abilities for synagogue participation and leadership. More importantly, they’ll leave Ramah knowing that t’fillot can be meaningful, and that they can be fun.